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The Swedish company Climate Curtains AB was founded in 2015 by the inventor Peter Hertz.

Patents in Sweden, Germany, USA and China.

Climate Curtains AB is situated on the Swedish west coast.


Our vision is to provide the opportunity to save energy and money for individuals, companies and society. An investment in Climate Curtains will create the possibility for more investments in energy-saving techniques by freeing capital, and ultimately, contribute to saving the environment.


Windows consist of one to three layers of thin glass and have therefore a poor insulation value when compared to walls. On average, a window has 10% the insulation value of a wall. Many buildings such as schools, offices, museums and holiday homes are vacant most of the time. If a building is vacant, then there is no need for the view of the outside to be unobstructed. By covering the windows with Climate Curtains, the heat loss through windows can be minimised. Furthermore, a Climate Curtains system harvests solar energy and transfers heat back into the building, making its use doubly advantageous.

During the summer, Climate Curtains can even be used to prevent outside heat from being let into the building.


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