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Energy thieves

Windows are the worst energy thieves in a building. 30–50% of the heating costs are due to heat loss through the windows, which amounts to approximately a loss of 5000 kWh in an average house each year. In public and commercial buildings such as schools, offices and other industrial buildings, the percentage of heat loss through windows is even greater, especially if there is a lot of glass in the structure.

most buildings stand empty

While windows account for about 1/3 of the energy loss for heating, offices and school buildings are not in use 70–80% of the time. This means that if the windows in a vacant building are covered with highly insulating curtains, a lot of energy and money will be saved.

A new generation of smart curtains

Climate Curtains is the solution. Our curtains retain the heat energy effectively inside the building. At the same time, solar energy is harnessed and transferred into the building (as Climate Curtains function like a return valve for energy). With its automatic motorised system, Climate Curtains will cover a whole building in a matter of seconds.

How many windows are there on the planet?

Climate Curtains can be useful for many different user groups, as many different areas can benefit from this solution. Examples of these are: family homes, residential buildings, office and industrial buildings, schools and especially holiday homes, which are generally heated with electricity even if they are not in use for extensive periods of time.

Interested in joining us?

We are looking for driven individuals who are interested in investing or participating in our exciting journey. For more information about the company, the patent and our vision, please click on the button below.

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